Monday, September 28, 2015

Meeting Minutes for 9/23/15 General Meeting

Hello all! The following was discussed in the general EWB-WSU meeting 9/23/2015, 7:02 pm-8:10 pm. Please contact Secretary Mark Cargill ( for more information unless otherwise stated. A copy of the power point presentation given in the meeting can be found here.

  1. Pre Meeting Discussion:
    1. How do we increase membership and member involvement?
      1. In class EWB announcements:
        1. List of teachers and class schedule 
        2. "we want your ideas for projects and plans with EWB"
        3. klingbeil (help getting us into other classes), tritschler, kender, Reynolds, Iona Pavel(chemistry, ritucci, physics 1, calculus 1-2, Rachel aga(gen Chem2)
        4. Search class schedule to find better times for us
      2. Make personal connections
        1. personal emails to those that seem interested
      3. Distribute more information, have a more effective presence
        1. pamphlets
      4. change meeting structure
        1. idea sharing meetings
        2. sort slide shows and incorporate new members in meetings
        3. have interesting speakers
      5. Change meeting times and location
        1. meeting times earlier in day possibly offset with class change times
        2. possibly meet in Joshi 299 as it is a more friendly and inviting location
  2. Meeting Discussion:
    1. Community Projects
      1. Local Water Project
        1. Funding is needed to implement the project
        2. Ben will work on submission to SFC
      2. Malawi Project
        1. Discussed the updates on the 501 application from the community
        2. Community wants to focus on roads and paths of transportation 
        3. Teaching of drainage techniques for large road side draining will be needed
    2. Event Planning committee
      1. EWB won blue ribbon for bake off!
      2. Construction training was held over the past weekend, Emily Diller and Emily Millar attended the concrete session and are brainstorming a mini session at WSU
      3. First Friday (10/2) TBA
      4. CECS PiK event (10/3)
        1. Tyler Martin -wants to volunteer anytime block for PiK
        2. Thank you to all other volunteers! Please sign up to join the race and support CECS orgs!
      5. Homecoming cardboard boat race (10/6)
        1. EWB will be judging in the event, please register on Blogger to participate as a judge!
      6. EWB Pre Pre Hallows Eve Dodgeball (10/28)
        1. TBA
      7. Fall semester Habitat for Hummanity
        1. TBA
    3. Leadership Opportunities
      1. There are many leadership opportunities available, please contact Emily Diller if you are interested in becoming a leader in the chapter. 
      2. Elections will be held at the end of this semester for officer positions
  3. Before the next meeting:
    1. A survey with approx. three meeting time blocks will be emailed to all the members. Please select the meeting time blocks that work for your schedule in this survey. We will still meet the week of October 5th to October 9th.
    2. Please check out blogger for all the events, registration and the calendar.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CECS Chili and Baked Goods Cook Off

Look who took blue ribbon! We did! Go chunky apple cake!

Thanks to all who helped, participated and of course VOTED!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

EWB Back to School Social

Hi all! Join us for a casual and fun social where you can meet new people, learn about EWB and ways you can get involved.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome back! Fall 2015 kick off meeting

Start your semester right!

Join us for our first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, September 16th at 7 pm in Russ 405 (Tait)!

This meeting we will discuss Fall semester objectives, upcoming events and opportunities. (We will also have some pizza!)

So come out, meet some new people and enjoy! We look forward to seeing you there!

Meeting power point

Looking for the last meeting of the summer? Here it is!